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  • The entrance to Acquatica Park (hereinafter the "Park") is subject to a fee and is allowed only to holders of a regular entrance ticket. The ticket must be kept during the entire stay at the Park and must be shown in case of checks by the staff. The Dear Guest without it can also be removed from the Park.
  • Some attractions are subject to their own regulations that may limit access depending on height, age, physical condition and / or health. The rules to be respected must always be checked at the access of each attraction.
  • Access to some particular attractions may be prohibited 30 (Thirty) minutes before the closing time of the Park to allow the disposal of queues within the closing time itself.
  • Dear Guests are invited to behave according to the rules of good manners and mutual respect.
  • It is not allowed to step on or damage plants and flowers.
  • It is not allowed to enter areas reserved for Park staff.
  • Smoking is not allowed on the pool floors, on the attractions and in their vicinity.
  • It is not allowed to consume food and drinks on the pool floors, on the attractions and in their vicinity. Pets are not allowed. It is also not allowed to enter with bicycles, skateboards, skates, scooters, etc.
  • It is not allowed to light fires, use barbeques, throw papers and waste outside the appropriate baskets, introduce bottles and other glass containers.
  • It is not allowed to enter with weapons, knives, sticks or instruments considered blunt.
    It is forbidden to circulate within the Park in Toples. All Dear Guests are required to wear clothing that respects the sensitivity and modesty of minors.
  • It is not allowed to circulate inside the bars and in their vicinity topless.
  • A sarong or t-shirt is advisable.
  • The park staff will ensure that there are no fights, acts of vandalism, acts of vilification, harassment, drug intake, drunkenness, rallies and anything else that does not comply with the regulations of public security and the Criminal Code. Dear Guests are also not allowed any type of sale or promotion of goods, services or activities both within the Park and in the parking area.
  • The management of the Park is not responsible for snatching, pickpocketing, damage to the personal belongings of the Dear Guests inside the Park. It is advisable not to leave unattended backpacks, bags and other valuables. The Park is not liable for any damage caused by third parties to vehicles parked in the parking area, nor for the theft of accessories or objects contained therein.
  • IThe Park uses video surveillance systems in some Areas for the sole purpose of ensuring security, safeguarding its assets and preventing illegal acts. The images are viewed exclusively by the surveillance staff and can only be consulted by the personnel in charge, by the judicial or police authority. In addition, in some attractions photographic shots are made in order to sell souvenir photos of the day or for the published in the form and manner of the law on our Facebook page, instagram or site
  • Violators of the following regulation may be removed from the Park, without prejudice to the right of the management, to report to the public authorities.


  • To ensure the well-being and safety of our guests, we ask them to comply with the General Regulations of the Park, available and available at the Cash Desks and at the Information Office, and to follow the instructions of the Acquatica Park staff. The Park Staff can at any time intervene and recall those who do not comply with the regulations.
  • The pools and slides of this Park have been designed and built in order to guarantee maximum safety to anyone who uses them, children or adults. We advise you to comply with the rules and warnings placed near each access. Children must be constantly supervised by their carers. Acquatica Park assumes no responsibility for unaccompanied minors present in the Park.
  • The use of the attractions and facilities of the Park in general presupposes the knowledge and acceptance of the rules of use of the same as well as of these General Regulations.
  • In case of accidents, illnesses, losses, etc., we advise the Dear Guests to contact the Park staff or the Information Office in an orderly manner.
  • The companions of the Kind Guests "Differently Abled" are requested to contact the information office of the Park before accessing the attractions to accompany them.
  • Dear Guests are required to inquire before purchasing the ticket for access to the Park on any problems related to the influx or climatic or technical conditions that could limit the use of the attractions and the general use of the Park and services.

Hygienic-sanitary standards

  • Access to the pool floors and attractions is not allowed to Kind Guests suffering from skin diseases, infectious or contagious or with wounds not completely healed, as well as to people with bandages or patches.
  • The dear younger guests are obliged to use a special diaper for the bathroom or a waterproof hygienic swimsuit.
  • Shoes and shoes other than slippers, rubberized flip-flops and the like are not allowed in the bathtub top and showers.
  • Before diving into the baths it is necessary to take a shower. After that, it is advisable to rinse.
  • It is not allowed to immerse yourself in water if one or more parts of the body are conspicuously sprinkled with oils, creams, cosmetics or other substances that could alter the water balance of the pools.
  • People with long hair are required to enter the water with their hair collected and use the appropriate elastic bands.
  • Nelle docce e nei servizi NON è consentita qualsiasi operazione di toilette personale (rasatura, depilazione, tintura, peeling, etc.).
  • It is not allowed to access the pools with clothing other than the traditional one commonly used in the pool, respecting the health and hygiene regulations in force in Italy (swimwear and burkinis made with material suitable for water).
  • It is also not allowed to swim, sunbathe and walk inside the Park completely naked.

Safety regulations

  • The practice of apnea in any form is not allowed.
  • It is not allowed to dive from the edges of all the tanks.
  • It is not allowed to use the slides in ways other than those indicated by the individual regulations affixed near each structure. Getting off the slides standing, kneeling, head, making evolutions in addition to not being allowed is also highly dangerous.
  • It is not allowed to run on the entire surface, push other bathers into the water and practice games or violent actions that could cause damage or inconvenience to people or things.
  • The use of snorkels, masks, fins, hand palettes is not allowed. The use of the same may be allowed with the prior authorization of a Park Operator, only in the Swimming Pool and in any case always in such a way as not to cause damage to other users in the event of direct contact.
  • It is not allowed to use balls, frisbees, balls, boomerangs and the like in the pools as well as on other facilities. The use of the same in areas prepared or dedicated to the game may be allowed with the authorization of a Park Operator.
  • The use of electrical equipment (Walkman, CD players, MP3 players, etc.) near swimming pools and other attractions as well as not being allowed is also highly dangerous.
  • In the event of a thunderstorm or other adverse weather event, it is mandatory to exit the water.


  • The ticket is personal and non-transferable. Once stamped at the entrance, it can no longer be refunded under any circumstances.
  • In case of maintenance, bad weather and unforeseeable events that involve the early closure of the Park or the failure of the attractions, even partial, there is no refund of the ticket, partial or total, nor the validation of the same for another date.
  • It is allowed to leave the Park and return on the same day by putting the stamp on the hand (at the entrance of the Park). In the absence of a stamp, access is no longer allowed.
  • It is the right of the management to suspend the entry of the Dear Guests in case of overcrowding of the Park.
  • The Management of Acquatica Park reserves the right to modify without notice the opening calendar, times and rates for further information and updates consult
  • The purchase of the ticket requires the acceptance and full understanding of the regulation and there are no refunds following the purchase.
  • It is forbidden to bring glass objects into the park.